By combining technologies from robotics, machine learning, and biology, we will create a minimally invasive way to affect entire ecosystems just by influencing a single individual: the system will regulate the brood production of honey bees, ultimately influencing plant growth in the environment surrounding the hive.


Our ambition in the HIVEOPOLIS project is to create a modern society of honey bee colonies which is fully adapted to present-day challenges, such as pesticides, parasites, climate change, or urban environments.


The goal of this project was to integrate current research findings into the education system. For this purpose, a device was built that allows many different natural science experiments at schools.

Primordial Particle System

We discovered a simple motion law for moving and interacting self-propelled particles leading to a self-structuring, self-reproducing, and self-sustaining life-like system.


The main goal of the completed ASSISIbf project was to establish a robotic society capable of autonomously establishing communication channels with animal societies (honeybees and schools of fish).